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Digital technologies have been usually associated with the generation of documents in small quantities or documents with variable information.
Inkjet Coated Papers and Inkjet Photo Papers IJ coated papers consist of a raw base and a receiverlayer. The base contributes to the physical support and the absorption of part of the carrier from the ink.
The color receiver layer provides capillarity for fast drying; it is a reservoir for most of the ink carrier and holds the ink colorants (dyes or pigments), giving better image quality.
This raw base is made of fibers and fillers. The color receiver layer is of a porous nature and consists of inorganic pigments (like silica), polymeric binders (like polyvinyl alcohol) which bind the pigments to each other
and to the fibers, and some performance additives (like optical brighteners).
IJ photo papers (Fig. 1) consist of a photo base (paper with an extruded polyethylene layer on both sides, which gives them their gloss appearance) and a complex multi-layer coating.
These coatings can be swellable(they inflate when water is absorbed, such as the soft contact lens), micro-porous (carrier is absorbed through the coating holes, similar to water in sand) or hybrid.

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