Based in the South of France DyaConex is a service provider and belongs to Balram Dyal.

After more than 25 years of practical experiences moreover into the Graphic Arts Industry, it was time to prove how reliable one can be when being a specialist in this sector.
But it wasn’t this way till February 2017. There was the decision that working for someone was something that I could not afford anymore. It was for more than a reason and the “no risks no fun” just ran across my head. It was a small step to a bigger decision.

Setting one’s own schedule, taking and making decisions that were the challenges. So what a change!, Being the Boss. It was as from that to start the RTOS*, you know what is that, I am sure and that made the differences. It is to have an approach of everyday in the week and also enjoying to do what you like to, was just not to wait for the week-end to start enjoying real life,. This is the real full time ongoing job when you are you own CEO, so the decision was taken or simply I took the decision.

Something essential, it was a collective decision with the family as well, very important to keep on socializing and rely on their moral contribution as being self-employed is to put your watches in the cupboard and keep a good wall-clock only for your active time-table and schedules,. Being alone you are liable have all the titles you want to have, oh yeah! You can thereby afford to have different visit cards such as; CEO, CFO, Director, Manager, Chief Engineer or whatever. But as a one man business, I keep the main role of a technician, behind which I am the Project Manager, Sales Person, Application Engineer, The Research Manager as well as the CEO and the Boss at the end.

So far you stop paying attention to what you are entitled and see these different roles as something executive, especially if one it trying to expand and grow. I have good partners known as my customers as without them, I would never have taken such decision.

Without their trust and confidence, it was impossible to start.

DyaConex is simply leading collaborative approach helping clients envision to build and run more innovative and efficient businesses, allow companies to become more human.

Let us do that together and happy working, happy collaboration and happy end.
The goal above all, help to execute plans to reach your vision.